• Our Big Wave Tomatoes are taste winners! Picked & packed fresh on our farm. We hand select, reserving the finest for our product picks.
  • You can find our ‘Tomato Bar’ signature selection of products at our Farm Stand each Saturday morning at Kapiolani Community College, across the entrance to Diamond Head Crater on Thursday supper time in Kailua Town across from Pier One
  • Our Fresh Pesto Grilled Pizza boasts a bountiful collection of heirloom tomatoes. According to Conde Nast Traveler, it's part of The Ultimate Hawaii Iconic Intinerary! (May '08)
  • We hand stretch our own cream mozzarella and make our own pesto from scratch.
  •                   We introduced Fried Green Tomatoes to Hawaii with a local island style twist served up with a mayo wasabi dunking sauce using our very own home grown tomatoes.



“Our calling is to make your food healthy tasty, directly from our tomato vine-yard to Honolulu’s award winning restaurants, upscale health food stores and Premier Hawaii produced only farmers markets.”

-Jeanne Vana of North Shore Farms, Big Wave Flavor Tomatoes.

North Shore Farms offers a Big Wave of Flavor from it’s Tomato Bar.

Old Fashioned garden varieties allowed to ripen on the plant under optimum environmental conditions for a healthful tomato grown under the warm tropical unfiltered direct sun. Farm direct to Honolulu award winning restaurants and retailers without passing through multiple handlers in the distribution supply chain for maintaining a healthy food safety.

The North Shore of O`ahu’s exclusive growing conditions in Waialua, at the gateway to the Mokuleia corridor, has nutrient rich fertile volcanic soil near famous Big Wave Surf spots, indicative of the ideal micro climates of the Hawaiian islands.

Carmel TomatoFest®
"What people are saying"

L.A. Times Oct '07..."Authentic Island Cuisine, Oahu, The Original, pesto pizza cooked on a grill is a favorite at the Farmers Market near Diamond Head"

Carmel, CA Tomatofest attendees... raved about us serving up Hawaii Style Fried Green Tomatoes & Slices of Green Tomato Pie "Best of The Fest!" , "Amazing"

Taste Winner Tomatoes in all 3 categories!

At a April 2008 blind tasting with the Culinary Slow Food Convivium on O`ahu our red beefsteak bested the best: Local & Mainland brands.

At the 7th Merriman Taste contest we won 2 of the 3 categories.

Our North Shore Gold Yellow Cherry & our large Green Lady Heirloom

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