Hawaiian Style Batter Kit - Fritti Mish

Kit batters approximately 50 tomato slices or prepare in two batches using 1 spice packet & dividing remaining ingredients equally.

Suggested Serving size =2 slices

Kit Includes Recipe & the following:
• Panko
• Batter Flour
• 2 spice packets (1 per 2.5 # mature green tomatoes)

Shopping List
mature green tomatoes
Vegetable Oil
Favorite Dipping Sauce perhaps Wasabe Aiole

Serving Suggestions
Use Batter mix for mixed crisp-fried vegetables to bread squash blossoms fresh sliced zucchini, asparagus spears, beans, sage, pickles, fish, chicken & of course tomatoes, unripe or for blush tomatoes sandwich pepper Jack cheese between two slices, coat & fry


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